CannDollar ERC-20 Token “CDAG”


CDAG is the genuine alternative of digital currency, a stable coin with silver intrinsic and universal value. This will enable completely borderless transmission of CannDollar tokens to any person on the Ethereum network and will enable it to become tradable and barterable on cryptocurrency exchanges generally. The token will be named “CannDollar”                                                                     and operate with a symbol CDAG.


Token format



Contract Address

CannDollar Revenue Model

The primary source of revenue for CannDollar will be service fees charged on the sale of CannDollar tokens through the Continuous Token Offering in addition to service charges associated with peer-to-peer transactions; credit/debit card administration and transactions; and storage, insurance and other related services.

These fees will be comparable to or more attractive than tradi-tional methods of payment, such as debit and credit cards or wire transfers.

CDAG Token

Each token is a Digital Receipt and represents 1 troy ounce of pure silver under the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) standards and stored at the Royal Canadian mint (RCM) or other international regulated security houses or exchanges.

The amount of CDAG tokens issued and in circulation must never exceed the underlying amount of the troy ounces of Silver stored at the RCM through the authorized suppliers.


Our silver is insured at the RCM and all storage facilities as well as our tokens insured with BitGo through first-class insurance companies.

Storage fees

Storage fees will be renewed after 5 years.


CannDollar ERC-20 (CDAG) can be redeemed to physical silver bullion/coins at any time. A request shall be sent by email to Users will have different options for different bullion products and coins. The Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin is one of the worlds favorite coins crafted 99.99 % pure silver in addition to the American Silver Eagle and other silver products that will be sent upon request. The users will have different packaging options that will be ready for shipment. Fees will be applied for administration, shipping, insurance and packaging.

Other Features


Our token contract allows on migration to a new smart contract which can evolve over the time to deal with new architectural features of blockchain or new demands of industry


In order to deal with legal requirements and demands of various jurisdictions and/or bad actors, token is equipped in functionality allowing on blacklisting specific users and burn their funds if needed. This can be applied towards users which have acquired CDAG token unlawfully or jurisdiction where they reside has introduced new requirements forbidding such users from holding our token or users have been found to conduct unlawful activity.


We can pause transfer of CDAG tokens globally in response to a security incident, if needed force migration of tokens to a new smart contract which remediates security issue.


Our token smart contract is actively refusing of sending tokens by mistake to itself, thus ensuring that unintended transfer of tokens by unaware users to itself is impossible. This is problem in the industry which happens quite frequently when contract addresses can be easily confused, and tokens sent to token contract are stuck there forever.