CannDollar Tokens are borderless
and cost effective

The CannDollar platform allows CDAG to be used anywhere and at any time. CannDollar Tokens can be spent, sent or converted back to physical silver coins at low cost, avoiding the 2-6% typical fees and foreign exchange costs.

CannDollar Tokens are easy to use

Spend and receive CDAG through your eWallet  using real time exchange rates between fiat or cryptocurrencies and silver.


Users can redeem their CannDollar silver coins through secure and insured delivery logistics.


Move your CannDollar silver coins physically and digitally anywhere around the world.


Shield your assets with silver during times of inflation and hyperinflation.

Peace of Mind

Auditors confirm the silver backing.


Maximum security of your online assets with patented AI technology security.


Maintain your purchasing power in the face of currency wars and debasement.


Transact real silver coins as a currency and not as a commodity.


Eliminate risks associated with extreme volatility and currency crashes.


CannDollar silver coins revolutionize the way we use silver, allowing it to be a strong base digital currency.