Leadership Team

Experienced, Reputable Management

Our senior management and board include world-class leaders and entrepreneurs who constantly strive to ensure that CannDollar is recognized as a best in class market frontrunner.They strongly believe that cost efficiency, goodwill, accessibility, and distribution control are all key attributes that make CannDollar a market leader. As a result, our brand commitment is to preserve the value of first-mover reputation led by this strong team.

Mohammed Abdel Mohammed
Founder , CEO/ Managing Director

Mohammed’s reputation as a trail-blazing entrepreneur precedes him as a 20-year veteran and creator of Financial, Blockchain and ICT solutions. Mohammed leads Canndollar Silver Blockchain Inc. with decades of experience in Precious Metals, Trading, Capital Markets, Structured Financial Products, Private Wealth Advisory and FOREX markets. Having developed trading platforms, Mohammed has worked in AI and Blockchain developing, financial and e-commerce solutions for several prestigious international Financial Institutions since 2006, and on Wall Street in the mid 90s. His global experience spans North America, Europe and the Middle East. In 1994 Mohammed attended Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and specialized in Computer and Information Sciences (CIS).

Russ Hiebert
Co-Founder / Chairman of the Board

Russ served as a Member of Parliament in Canada for eleven years before returning to the private sector. During his time in office he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Defence and later Intergovernmental Affairs. He also served on the Natural Resources, Finance, and International Trade committees and as Canadian Chairman and Representative on the 53-nation Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. He has held leadership roles on many other international associations; speaking engagements at the European Parliament and at the United Nations.
Russ has developed a worldwide network of contacts in business and foreign governments. He has the ability to connect people with key decision makers, joint venture partners and investors, for the purpose of developing trade and other business opportunities.

He holds an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). He earned his Law Degree at the University of British Columbia and the University of Sydney, Australia, and practiced as a lawyer at a national Canadian law firm, before completing his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). He has completed the Institute of Corporate Directors Education Program and has served as a director on a variety of private and public companies

Rebecca Enwia
Founder / Partner

Rebecca brings 18 years of experience from the precious metals and gems industry. She has experience in sales management and project development and apprenticed for several years in investment banking. Here she became acutely aware of the need for better financial certainty, particularly in these uncertain times. Combining her career passions, Rebecca was perfectly suited to co-found CannDollar where she has been an integral part of bringing it to fruition. Her work covers business management and project development.

Omar Aburajab
Chief Operating Officer/COO

Omar is leading the product and business development for CannDollar. With over 20 years of experience in the Information technology and the Financial Industry domain, he is managing CannDollar project. During his carries, he played many roles as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Financial and Data Analyst and as a consultant in the compensation, treasury and risk management arena.
Omar was part of the merger that took place between First Union Securities and Wachovia Securities in 2001 were he played an important role in identifying and mapping the various systems between the two merged entities.
Omar has managed various scattered cross border teams from Asia, North America and the Middle East with a successful track of project delivery.
Omar holds an MBA from Devry University along with many certification such as PMP, ITIL, SAS, Series 7 Certified – Registered Representative Stockbroker – NASD/NYSE

Leonard Waldman
Co-Founder / Senior Advisor to the Office of the CEO, (Observer to the Board)

Leonard is a recognized Senior Advisor, with over 30 years of hands-on business experience and a track record that crosses virtually all-major market sectors. He is currently the CEO of Sarnco Ventures, a strategic and applied innovation firm that provides trusted advice to a broad range of clients across numerous categories, including medical, technology, digital and mobile services, mechanical and media. He has also been involved in a number of NGO initiatives.
Leonard has advised top management in such companies as Hybridyne Imaging Technologies, Scopium Medical Devices, Logan Media Corp, and Triton Transactions Inc.

Prior to founding Sarnco Ventures, Leonard held senior management positions and sat on the board of Marnlen Management Ltd, the parent company to both Labelad and Sandylion Sticker Designs. Labelad was a best in class manufacturer of custom pressure sensitive labels for some of the world’s best-known fortune 500 companies.

Sandylion Sticker Designs was the recognized global leader of children’s novelty stickers. The company had sales in more than 67 countries around the world and enjoyed outstanding business relationships with such companies as Disney, DreamWorks, Marvel, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon. Sandylion’s customers were some of the most highly recognized retail companies in the world. They included Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target, Costco, Michael’s Stores and Walgreens. Both Labelad and Sandylion were the recipients of numerous distinguished awards in their respective industries.

Tamara Muradova
Executive Administrator

Tamara brings over 10 years of experience in business operations where she focused on developing solutions to lower turnover and increasing profits through an individual approach with detailed analysis based on demographic, coaching and motivation. Her entrepreneurial mindset and business background brought her into the real estate market where she strove in a successful high volume short term rental operation. In CannDollar, Tamara focuses on vendor relations, coordination, process improvement, PR/marketing and much more.

Isaac Enwia
Business Development, Board Member

Isaac brings 20 years of experience in global business development, finance and marketing. He has held various lead management roles and is currently the Founder/CEO of SMAR Technologies USA, Inc. (Small Modular Advanced Reactor Technologies USA, Inc.), which focuses on bringing inherently safe nuclear reactors for commercial use to the United States.
Prior to founding SMAR, Isaac served as CFO and Director of Project Management with Kriva Rochem, Belgium, a company specializing in water treatment and desalination solutions. He continues to work with Global experts and government bodies around the world to make positive changes in sustainable energy and water production. Isaac pursued his academic studies in Business Administration and Finance at California State University of Stanislaus County, in California.

Sonia Checcucci
Business Development Europe, Board Member

Sonia is an accomplished business consultant, with 19 years of experience working for international financial institutions, private banks and insurance companies.
Sonia has a background in corporate communications, project management, strategic planning and business development for large scale international projects. She is passionate about new business technologies and understands the challenges of today’s fast-growing future. Sonia pursued her academic studies in modern languages, literature and business administration, with a focus on marketing communications.

Her strong communications skills and the ability to fluently speak and write German, Italian, Spanish, French and English make her a great asset in fostering business negotiations and continuous client engagement.

Professor Shimon Shetreet
Board Member

Shimon is the President of the International Association of Judicial Independence and World Peace and President of the International Culture of Peace Project.
Previously, he has held high public offices. Between 1988 and 1996 he served as Member of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. He was a cabinet minister in the Rabin Government and in Peres Cabinet (1992-1996) and served as senior deputy Mayor of Jerusalem (1999-2003).

Shimon was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1969 and has appeared before the Supreme Court of Israel in a number of landmark cases. He was Member of the Chief Justice Landau Commission on the Israeli Court System, a Founder Secretary General of the Public Law Association (1987 – 1992); and a Judge on the Standard Contract Court (1981- 88). He is past President of the Israeli Chapter of the International Association of Constitutional Law.

Shimon holds the Greenblatt Chair of Public and International Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and is past chairman of the Sacher Institute of Legislative Research and Comparative Law.

Shimon holds an LL.B., an LL.M., from the Hebrew University and a Masters’ and a Doctor’s degree from the University of Chicago School of Law.

Omar Hmeidat
Sr. BA/BPM Consultant

Omar brings 7 years of experience in the field of Business Analysis and Business Process Management. He had many successful projects related to business improvements of Banking, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Economic Development, and others.

Omar has participated in many projects related to Artificial Intelligence as he analyzes data and provides the essential criteria to build intelligent solutions. As part of voluntary works, he has also been involved in CIJ Group as Training Manager to prepare undergraduate students to market.

Omar has merged his study as an Industrial Engineer with his work experience related to IT to provide the most effective, efficient, and intelligent solutions to serve the customer’s needs.

Ala Abu Rahma
Sr. UI/UX Graphic Designer

Ala brings 20 years of experience in the field of Graphics and Users Experience. Creating innovative campaigns, branding strategies and out of the box concepts to effectively reach out to client’s target audience.

Ala has contributed in many projects related to Banking, Governments, Big companies, IT companies and many more.

He has Branding, Utilized different wireframe/prototype designs that were the backbone of the final UX web/mobile interfaces for our products, Reviews and approves designs, artwork, photography, content, and graphics developed by the creative team.

Michael R. Koblenz
Legal and Compliance Advisor

Michael has a vast legal practice, focusing on areas of litigation and general corporate law. This includes commodities, securities, administrative proceedings, arbitrations, director’s and officer’s liability cases, real estate, entertainment law, and regulatory matters. His practice also includes hedge funds, mergers, acquisitions, and private and public offerings.
Michael has represented commodities futures exchanges, clearing organizations, and broker/dealers as well as individual traders and brokers. He also engages in the defense of white-collar criminal cases involving violations under the Sherman Antitrust Act, securities, commodities, telemarketing, and postal fraud.

He defends corporate and individual clients before the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the National Futures Association, the U.S. Postal Inspector Service, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the New York State Human Rights Commission.

Michael previously served as a federal prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice and is a Registered Legal Practitioner in the DIFC Courts (Dubai).