About us

Vision and Mission

CannDollar’s mission is to enable individuals and institutions to access and utilize physical silver as a medium of exchange in the digital economy in an inclusive, borderless and frictionless environment through the blockchain. All while protecting their purchasing power.

CannDollar’s vision is to reinvent digital savings and payments, by creating an ERC20 digital token, CDAG, that is backed by a one troy ounce silver coin with 0.999 purity, the world’s oldest and most trusted currency.

CDAG, as a digital representation of physical silver stored securely, aims to be a bridge between the cryptocurrencies, traditional financial institutions, and communities across the globe. In addition, CDAG will provide much needed liquidity to the cryptocurrency market.

Our Principles

Universally Accessible

An internationally accessible and trusted medium of exchange

Secure asset-backing with silver

For millennia, silver has been a reliable unit of value across civilizations

Transparent Wealth Preservation

Audited, transparent physical silver reserves in secure independent third-party vaults

Low fees, quick transfers
Borderless Finance